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Codelia helps you to model content and deliver faster on websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, and more with our Headless CMS

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"It's great, I can develop fastest websites and ecommerce managing all the content in a simple way."


One of the best content management systems

"I suggest Codelia to web developers and teams, with it it’s possible to create websites and e-commerce quickly."


Very powerful CMS

"This CMS is very powerful, it helps me creating websites for my clients facilitating my work. The price is affordable."


Headless CMS to create awesome digital experiences

Codelia helps your digital company to create and deliver digital products in a better way, faster and easier.

It empowers both development and marketing teams making them more productive and empowering to produce better digital experiences across multiple channels.

How Codelia works

Create better content

Create and define your entire content structures from a powerful back-end, and do it without the need to code.

Work with teammates

Include your team in your projects and get more things done in less time, improving your productivity and working better.

Integrate any tool

Do you need to integrate a DEM, a CRM, an analysis tool, or a custom platform? No problems, you can do it without limitations.

Scale your project

Create new custom features that can be integrated with Codelia, with your content, or with other services.

Integrate any template

Get your template from your favorite marketplace or create it with your favorite no-code template builder tool.

Deploy faster

Since the configuration of Codelia with a template can be made in minutes, you can focus on what matters and deploy very fast.

Extend to any device

Bring your website or e-commerce into a web app, native mobile app, smartwatch app, Alexa Skill, or on any platform.

Go worldwide

Organize your content with translations or create different experiences for any language and localization you need.

Empower developers

Make developers more powerful letting them work with any technology stack and with flexibility thanks to the Codelia API.

Get high performance

Optimize your digital experiences and make them fast thanks to Codelia API. Get A score on popular tools like GTmetrix.

Be thoughtless

Codelia is in cloud and you don't need to host it and worry about the management of the infrastructure.

Deploy on your server

Be free to deploy your projects on your trusted servers or providers. Manage everything with freedom.

"Codelia has been an excellent way to enable multiple teams across our business by streamlining processes for marketing, engineering, and sales departments. The platform provides a great way for any team to quickly make changes and deploy new content faster across channels without relying on developers."

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Automate your Marketing

Create, model, and deliver content without developers, publish your content automatically across multiple devices, social media, and tools thanks to integrations.

Discover Codelia for Marketers


I create a new content entry


Do this...

Post it on the website


And this...

Post it on the mobile app

Scale your Projects

Deliver content on multiple devices at the same time, develop for any device with your favorite technology stack and framework improving your productivity.

Discover Codelia for Developers

Sell your Products on any device

Deliver and sell your products on multiple devices from one unique workspace, extend and improve your shopping experience, manage content and orders from unique one platform.

Discover Codelia for Online Sellers

Decrease your work time and stay focused

Manage all your projects from one single workspace, keep your team organized and focused, and decrease your work time saving $$$.

Create custom elements based on your needs

Create custom elements and pages based on your needs

Do you need articles, products, partners or something else? Create elements that groups all your data. Organize them with categories, subcategories, tags and more. Create unique pages, plan the publishing of your content and manage the SEO.

Create and assign controls to the elements

Create and assign controls to the elements

Create controls to assign to elements. Add text field, rich text field, number field, email field, date field, image field, gallery and more.

Add and manage content

Add and manage content with multilingual support

Write and manage content based on controls added to your elements.

Manage SEO and don't miss on errors.

Manage SEO and don't miss on errors

SEO optimized. Manage all your SEO data in every element and check the SEO status to find some errors if occured.

Get data and display on front end

Get data and display on front end

Display data on a self hosted front end using Codelia JSON API and obtaining the maximum speed for your websites and e-commerce.

  Multi site management

  Pages management

  Elements management

  Controls management

  Users management

  Orders management

  Customers management

  Inventory management

  Payment management

  Shipping management

  Coupons management

  Blocked IPs management

  Failed logins checker

  Successfull logins checker

  Security email alerts

  Content planning

  Files upload

  SEO errors checker

  In cloud service



Do you see the difference?

Features Codelia Contentful Agility Kontent

$ 99/month

$ 489/month

$ 900/month

$ 2.499/month

Projects (sites)

Up to 5

Up to 3

Up to 1

Up to 3


Up to 3

Up to 25

Up to 10

Up to 20

Content limits (Records/Entries)


Up to 25K

Up to 50K

Up to 50K

Content distribution (API calls)


Up to 2.000.000/mo.





Up to 7


Up to 5

Security reporting

With any plan

Only with the biggest plan

Only with the biggest plan

Only with the biggest plan

Scheduled publishing
E-commerce orders, customers and coupons tracking/management
E-commerce shipping, payment and inventory management

In some cases "X" means paid or not built-in.

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